Connecticut Angler Shatters State Carp Record with Whopping Catch

Brian Santos, a skilled angler from Connecticut, has a whopper of a tale to tell after reeling in a record-breaking common carp! The monstrous fish, caught at Lake Lillinonah, weighed in at a staggering 45 pounds and 5 ounces, surpassing the previous state record by a mere 4 ounces.

The impressive catch was announced by the Connecticut Fish and Wildlife on their Facebook page, sparking a flurry of congratulations for Santos. A photo accompanying the post shows the angler proudly holding his prize – a truly massive carp that dwarfs his hands.

“That’s a beast!!!!” and “Holy Moly! Congrats!” were just some of the comments left by fellow anglers in awe of Santos’ achievement.

Interestingly, common carp, despite their reputation as “trash fish,” are not considered invasive in Connecticut. Introduced during the Industrial Revolution as a food source, they’ve established themselves in the state’s waterways and reproduce readily. The DEEP (Department of Energy & Environmental Protection) clarifies this on their website, noting that carp exist in various “morphs,” all stemming from the common carp species.

While carp can stir up bottom sediments as they forage, the DEEP assures residents that this doesn’t significantly impact overall water quality. However, they acknowledge that excessive carp populations can lead to longer-lasting issues with water clarity in specific areas.

This record-breaking catch is a testament to the exciting fishing opportunities offered by Connecticut’s waters! Congratulations once again to Brian Santos for his impressive feat.

Image/Source: FoxNews

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