3 Summer Bass Fishing Techniques

With summer in full swing it’s time to update your bait-casting techniques. Below are three great tips to help you land more bass this season.

  1. Flipping Technique
    • Gear: Use a tungsten weight, a big hook or a flipping style straight shank hook, and a plastic bait like a craw tube or a striking rage bug.
    • Approach: This technique is ideal for targeting bass in thick vegetation and near hard structures. It’s perfect for precise, controlled presentations.
  2. Finesse Jig Fishing
    • Gear: A brown ball head jig paired with a Z-Man hula stick.
    • Approach: Fish along the edges of dense vegetation and harder structures. This technique is great for enticing bass that are less active.
  3. Drop Shot
    • Gear: A baitcaster for vegetation-rich areas with tie-on style drop shot sinkers, or a spinning rod and lighter line with clip-on style weights for open water.
    • Approach: Drop shots are effective in stable, cooler waters where fish gather offshore. This method is particularly useful during slow feeding periods.

Additional Techniques Mentioned

  • Texas Rig
    • Gear: Bobberstop, Straight Braid, Big Hook, and a plastic bait such as a craw tube or a worm.
    • Approach: Suitable for fishing through vegetation, brush piles, and other structures where an exposed hook would snag.
  • Deep Diving Crankbaits
    • Gear: Confidence crankbait, and larger models like the 6XD, 8XD, 10XD, or the Rapala DT series.
    • Approach: Target fish staged offshore by getting the crankbait to make contact with the bottom, deflecting off cover to trigger strikes.

No matter where you’re fishing this summer, these three techniques—drop shot, Texas rig, and deep diving crankbaits—are proven to catch bass. Try them out and enjoy a successful fishing trip!

Image/Source: OmniaFishing

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