How to Use a Fishing Net: 10 Tips and Tricks

Using a fishing net effectively requires timing, coordination, and planning. While fishing nets provide great advantages, they are not foolproof, and many factors can influence their success. Here are some tips and techniques to help secure a catch more effectively:

  1. Head First
    • Fish cannot swim backward. Ensure the fish enters the net headfirst; a fish that is headfirst in the net is much harder to escape.
  2. Net at the Surface
    • Only attempt to net the fish when its head breaks the water’s surface, giving the best opportunity to place the net fully underneath it.
  3. Easier Up than Down
    • It is easier and quicker to raise a submerged net than to lower it further. Submerge the net ahead of time and lift when ready.
  4. Keep the Momentum
    • Maintain the fish’s direction and momentum to guide it smoothly into the net.
  5. Use a Big Enough Net
    • Ensure the net is large enough for the fish being caught. For bigger fish, focus on securing the tail, which is safer and more manageable.
  6. Expand Your Reach
    • When fishing solo, position yourself to maximize reach by extending arms directly away from each other.
  7. Keep Guides Free of Leader Knots and Swivels
    • Avoid bringing swivels or knots into the rod guides to prevent excessive pressure that can result in a lost fish.
  8. Find a Calm Area if Possible
    • When fishing in currents, try to work the fish into calmer waters. This reduces pressure on the hook and makes netting easier.
  9. Get Into the Water
    • If the fish is too large or leverage is insufficient, wading into the water can help secure the catch and keep the fish calm.
  10. Designated Netter
  • When fishing with a partner, designate one person to handle the net. This ensures coordination and increases the chances of a successful netting.

Bonus Tips

Help Your Fishing Buddy

  • Assist a friend who has hooked a good fish by pausing personal fishing efforts to help with netting.

Use a Rubber Fishing Net

  • Rubber nets are gentler on fish, preserving their protective slime coat and improving their chances of survival if released.

Implementing these tips will enhance netting efficiency, ensuring more fish are caught and fewer are lost.

Images/Source: TailoredTackle

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