Fishing The Stillwater for Summer Smallmouths

Smallmouth bass fishing in waters like Greenville Creek and the Stillwater River offers an enjoyable experience with light equipment and a Mepps spinner.

Ray Reilly for Press Pros recently explored one of Ohio’s best-kept secrets for summer bass, the Stillwater River, and found it to be a rewarding adventure. When asked by Press Pros publisher Sonny Fulks about good fishing spots in his neighborhood, Fulks mentioned the Stillwater River as a prime location for smallmouth bass during the summer.

This prompted a visit in late May to northwest Ohio. After consulting a map and friends in the Dayton area, the Stillwater River was pinpointed, specifically near Greenville Falls. On a sunny Sunday morning, the journey began south of the bridge, wading west up the river towards a shaded and deep spot.

Almost immediately, a Mepps spinner with a bucktail yielded a strike, but the fish escaped, snapping the light monofilament line. However, another cast to the same spot resulted in a successful catch of a lively smallmouth bass. Similarly, another angler, Dale, hooked and released a smallmouth within minutes, showcasing the river’s potential.

Smallmouth bass, often found with rock bass in rocky, flowing waters, provide an exciting challenge. Though typically smaller than largemouths, smallmouths can reach up to 4 pounds in many rural creeks and rivers. The Mahoning River, near Youngstown, has produced smallmouths just shy of four pounds, comparable in fight to larger largemouths.

During the trip to Greenville Creek, several smallmouths were caught, with the largest around a pound and a half. The creek’s habitat supports fish up to three pounds. Over a few hours, a total of six smallmouths (ranging from 10 to 16 inches) and several rock bass were landed.

For those seeking an exciting fishing experience, the Stillwater/Greenville Creek area near Covington is highly recommended. Nearby Troy offers good accommodations for a weekend trip. This spot should be on every angler’s list of possibilities for a memorable summer fishing adventure.

Image/Source: PressProsMag

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