David Beckham Faces Backlash Over Norwegian Fishing Trip

David Beckham has become the center of controversy after traveling to Norway for a fishing expedition, raising concerns among locals who believe he received preferential treatment for an activity that is typically prohibited.

The former football star was recently seen fishing in the Laerdal River, a location known as the “queen of salmon rivers” due to its frequent visits from the Norwegian royal family. However, the Laerdal, along with 33 other rivers, is currently under strict fishing restrictions imposed by the government’s environment agency to protect dwindling salmon populations. These measures were enforced after a survey indicated that salmon numbers had dropped by half, partly due to global warming and parasites from fish farms.

Despite these restrictions, Beckham was filmed fishing in the river, leading to accusations that local authorities may have exploited a costly regulatory loophole. This exception, known as stock fishing, allows salmon to be caught and transported to hatcheries for artificial insemination, requiring donations of up to 1.4 million kroner (approximately £100,000).

Liv Signe Navarsete, the governor of the surrounding county, permitted the trip, despite initially opposing it. She claimed to be unaware of Beckham’s involvement and stated that her intervention was based on an incomplete research report.

Rune Svoren, a lawyer and avid angler, criticized the rules, accusing river owners of effectively selling fishing rights indirectly after being prevented from fishing in the Laerdal himself.

There is no indication that Beckham acted improperly. A spokesperson for Beckham informed The Times that the trip was organized in compliance with regulations, although Beckham was not involved in the planning.

This incident follows recent coverage by a Norwegian broadcaster showing Beckham fishing near the Sognefjord, the country’s longest fjord. Beckham’s interest in angling has grown, with trips to Iceland’s salmon rivers alongside filmmaker Guy Ritchie and fishing outings with his son Brooklyn in Weymouth, Dorset.

Images/Source: DailyMail

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