Baitshop Fishing Tips: Catfish

Fishing for catfish is fun. They fight hard, are plentiful and taste great on the dinner table. Catfish are often willing biters, too, and can be readily caught from...

How to Catch the Elusive Monkfish

The monkfish is easily identifiable; it has a huge head which is particularly broad, flat, and depressed, with the remaining body appearing tiny in comparison. Its wide mouth covers...

Baitshop Fishing Tips: Tuna

Bluefins may be the big TV stars but when it comes to sport fishing, yellowfin are by far the most sought and caught of the tunas, ranging from the...

The Best Winter Smallmouth Tips [Video]

Check out this awesome video for the best tips to land you on some more smallmouth this winter!

The Tips You Need to Know for Winter Trout Fishing

Strange as it might sound, winter is one of my favorite times of the year to fish. Anglers willing to battle the elements can usually find a little solitude...

Catching Huge Salmon in Crystal-Clear Water [Video]

Crystal clear water and huge salmon is a difficult combo to beat for any fisherman. Enjoy!

Squid Fishing 101

Fishing is undoubtedly a fun and rewarding activity as it gives people a chance to interact with nature and reap (literal) rewards. Similar to fishing for salmon and flounder or catching lobster, fishing for...

Fishing Tips: Flounder

We spoke with some of the best flounder fishing experts around to find out their tips on how to catch flounder. Fishing for flounder isn't rocket science, but it's...

Ice Fishing 101: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know [Video]

When are Bass Most Hungry?

These fish are voracious feeders. Adult largemouth bass are largely fish-eating predators. But the food type changes as they grow from plankton, to insects, to fish, crayfish and frogs.
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