July’s Product of the Month

July’s product of the month is the BaitTowel! A bait towel is an underrated piece of fishing gear. Having somewhere to dry or clean your hands after handling fish or bait is a beautiful thing, especially when temps are low and you need to keep warm.

Wetness is your greatest enemy on the water when it comes to retaining your dexterity – having a compact and portable towel (16 by 16 inches) in your back pocket or on board your fishing vessel will go a long way!

This towel is furthermore a microfiber cloth meaning you can use it to effectively (and safely) clean your fishing sunglasses. Maintaining clean lenses will ensure you have the best chance of spotting fish, so you should always have an appropriate cleaner and/or towel for your eyewear. 

Baitowel has a wide color selection to choose from and includes three towels with one purchase. An excellent value product from a well-reviewed brand, this bait towel set will make a welcome addition to your gear locker or a thoughtful gift for a fellow fisherman! Purchase the towel right here: https://www.amazon.com/Fishings-Best-Microfiber-Towel-Pack/dp/B00RM3YI2O/ref=as_li_ss_tl?keywords=fishing+gadget&qid=1554318808&s=sporting-goods&sr=1-21&linkCode=sl1&tag=harryheavy-20&linkId=c8478f6dfdfe50a5f89f56f807ae4113&language=en_US

All credit for this great review goes to Heavy.com. https://heavy.com/outdoors/2019/03/fishing-gadgets/

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