The 10 Best Burgers in Charleston

There is something special about any eatery that pays homage to the humble hamburger. These ten Charleston specialties are musts next time you are in the SC!

1. Seanachai Whiskey & Cocktail Bar

3157B Maybank Hwy
Johns Island, SC 29455(843) 737-4221 Visit Website

Johns Island whiskey/cocktail/craft beer bar Seanachai offers a delicious burger made up of two patties seared in a cast iron skillet, melted three-year Irish cheddar, topped with a house-made sweet onion jam, fresh horseradish root aioli, and a special mustard blend served on a warm, fresh sesame seed bun. Best of all? It’s only $10 (and on Tuesdays, that deal comes with a beer).

2. Moe’s Crosstown Tavern

714 Rutledge Ave
Charleston, SC 29403(843) 641-0469 Visit Website

Moe’s has flipped burgers for years, and you can taste the perfected patina of the grill in every bite. On Tuesdays, the meaty minions are half-price. Try the goat cheese and poblano pepper combination or the more traditional fried green tomato BLT option.

Moe’s Crosstown Tavern

3. Purlieu

237 Fishburne St
Charleston, SC 29403(843) 300-2253 Visit Website

Many patrons venture to the Westside neighborhood for the renowned P237 burger. This classic executed to perfection is topped with American cheese and served with crispy french fries. 

4. The Tattooed Moose

1137 Morrison Dr
Charleston, SC 29403(843) 277-2990 Visit Website

Dive bar with famous food Tattooed Moose offers a classic example of two thin patties, onions, lettuce, tomato, American cheese, and special sauce between toasted kaiser rolls. Don’t leave without ordering a side of duck fat fries.

5. Butcher & Bee

1085 Morrison Dr
Charleston, SC 29403(843) 619-0202 Visit Website

At Butcher & Bee, it can be easy to fill up on mezze options like the famed whipped feta with local honey, but it’s worth saving room for the burger and fries. Aged cheddar, bone marrow aioli, and crispy vidalia onions set the sunlit NoMo eatery’s offering apart.  

6. Little Jack’s Tavern

710 King St
Charleston, SC 29403(843) 531-6868 Visit Website

The only burger on this list (and maybe in the country?) topped with sunchoke relish, Little Jack’s Tavern consistently puts out one of the tastiest burgers in Charleston. The garlic and herb fries with sauce gribiche shouldn’t be missed.

7. Home Team BBQ

126 Williman St
Charleston, SC 29403(843) 225-7427 Visit Website

Home Team is a place that many frequent, so take a break from the barbecue just this once to try the Fiery Ron’s burger. Two 4-ounce patties, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, harissa mayo, brioche bun. 

8. Pub Fare 

10 Conroy St
Charleston, SC 29403 Visit Website

Pub Fare’s double cheeseburger with onions, pickles, and “special sauce” really is as good as everyone says, and guests should definitely grab a few extra napkins before diving into this one. The burger gained a huge following within months of debuting at Kudu in 2017, so expect a wait at the pop-up locations, which are generally breweries like Revelry.  

9. Felix Cocktails et Cuisine

550 King St #100
Charleston, SC 29403(843) 203-6297 Visit Website

French-themed lounge Felix offers a burger featuring two short rib and brisket blended patties. The meat is sandwiched inside a doughy sesame bun and is topped with dijonaisse and gooey raclette cheese, adding a touch of decadence.

10. HoM Charleston

563 King St
Charleston, SC 29403(843) 573-7505 Visit Website

This Upper King Street burger boutique offers a number of options from the classic with American cheese to a patty melt on rye. Burgers with sunny eggs often sound better than they taste, but the HoM Wrecker is an exception, as pepperjack cheese and a fig jam combine to form a sweet and spicy bite that just works. 

All credit for this delicious list goes to Charleston Eater.

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