The Best Burgers in Oklahoma City

Tucker’s Onion Burgers – Oklahoma City

Oklahomans know the combination well: sizzling onions, tender ground beef and a hot grill equal burger perfection. This mouthwatering mixture began in Oklahoma and while many regional eateries continue the tradition, none serve it up quite like Tucker’s Onion Burgers in Oklahoma City. Onion-filled patties on toasted buns get tucked into paper wrappers that become tiny steam ovens as the luscious burgers make their way to your table. Unwrap to enjoy a sandwich dripping with the smooth edges of greasy onion beneath a shiny blanket of melted cheese. 

Nic’s Grill – Oklahoma City

A burger is only as good as the man at the griddle and that’s never been truer than at Nic’s Grill in Oklahoma City. You won’t find any frills at Nic’s, but that’s because the burgers are so special on their own. Your burger starts as a heap of beef larger than your first and only flattens slightly as it cooks. Sweet, slow-cooking onions take a special place on the griddle near the beef and get pulled over to the meat in heaping portions as the burger finishes cooking. Your burger is dressed when the one man at the griddle, owner and cook Justin Nicholas, hollers to you personally from his post. You’ll be handed the masterpiece alongside fries that are cut into long curls. Warning: you won’t be able to finish without a fork! 

Patty Wagon – Oklahoma City

Peruse the menu at Patty Wagon in Oklahoma City, and choose between simple, delicious cheeseburgers with classic fixings, or go big with a gourmet specialty burger. Patty Wagon prides itself on its locally-sourced, grass-fed beef patties and hand-cut fries, an indulgent combination whether munching on the Taser burger, topped with a peppery Asian sauce, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and spicy mayo, or ordering the Swiss N’ Shroom burger stacked with grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, horseradish mayo and Swiss cheese. Come in for their well-known Beanie burger, served with cheddar cheese, bean dip, Fritos, jalapenos and chili, or check out the weekly burger special for a new flavor experience.

S&B’s Burger Joint – Oklahoma City

Settle into your seat on the patio at S&B’s Burger Joint in Oklahoma City and you’ll soon be on a culinary journey to another time or place. One bite out of the Columbian, featuring a burger patty with a generous sea salt and coffee rub, and you’re headed to South America. Sink your teeth into the Elvis, a burger topped with peanut butter and bacon, and you’re transported to the heyday of rock ‘n roll. While the burgers at S&B’s are no doubt special, this Oklahoma City restaurant takes just as much care with the sides. Order the Thanksgiving Fries and savor sweet potato fries swimming in marshmallow cream, dried cranberries and chopped pecans.

All credit for this delicious list goes to Travel Ok.

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