What is the Ultimate Fishing Snack

Once the waders are fastened on, the rod is rigged, and the boots have touched the water; there isn’t much that can distract an angler in pursuit of some hungry trout…that is until their own belly starts rumbling. Fly fishing can be a physically demanding hobby, whether you’re fishing from gravel put in, or spending your nights in a tent in the high Sierras: your engine needs fuel. Instead of wasting time off the water finding a meal, or simply procuring one from your adventure mobile, pack one of the snacks we’ve listed below in order to get the calories you need to stay focused and haul in that once in a lifetime fish.

1.The Protein-Packed-classic: Nature Valley Protein Chewy Granola Bar

Image from FAB News 

With 5 grams of Protein packed into every bar, whether you’re heading out from base camp or driving up the street, this snack is essential in every anglers’ pack. With energy crammed into every bite: this snack is easily transportable, lightweight, and most importantly TASTY. Grab a couple of these guys before a day on the water and you’re sure to beat the mid-day hunger wherever your trip takes you.

2. The Meat Lovers Heavy Hitter: Chomps Beef Jerky

image by Urban Matter

Grass-Fed Chomps Beef Jerky is a step above the rest when it comes to an on the go meaty snack. Not only does Chomps provide a large variety of flavors such as jalapeno beef to Salt & Pepper Venison, but they contain no added hormones, no sugars, and are made from 100% grass fed Livestock. Chomps has it all for the hungry carnivore looking for a protein boost to keep them tossing heat cast after cast.

I mean hey…why should monster browns get all the meat?

3. The Nutty-Nature Power Pack: Power Up Trail Mix

Image by Danavento.com

Because what’s better than sticking to your crunchy roots? Power up Trail mix is a specially crafted mix designed to provide a late afternoon boost and kick fatigue in the butt. Made from 100% all-natural ingredients, Power up trail mix has mixes to cater to any dietary restrictions including gluten-free, and vegan options: all still made with fresh delicious ingredients. We recommend packing a baggie of these in the top of your waders and saving the rest for a job well-done treat on the way back to home base.

Be careful… once you have a handful it’s hard to stop

4. The Sweet Tooth’s Guilty Secret: Gummy Worms

Image by Delish

Just because you’re not throwing worms to fish doesn’t mean you can’t have some for yourself! Yes, while we don’t recommend substituting a meal for a sugar-filled treat, we know there’s no way ALL those vest pockets are filled with gear. Why not indulge your guilty pleasure and pack a sugary snack to brighten up a fishless day, or even put down with some water to keep that blood sugar steady? However you choose to enjoy these tasty worms, it’ll put a smile on your face and always manage to calm down that insatiable craving that manages to strike at the worst times.

Fishing with your kids? Bring a pack of these bad boys… you can thank us later.

5. The Long Tripper’s Fatigue Fighter: GreenBelly Meal 2 Go

Image by GreenBelly Meals 

While this isn’t technically just a snack, it sure can be eaten like one. Greenbelly is a meal sup. for hikers, made by hikers. Containing 1/3 of your daily value of fats, proteins, and fiber; this supplement is perfect to throw next to your reel in the day pack and head off the beaten path. Whether your hiking through the rugged mountain terrain or sloshing around a salty cove, this portable meal guarantees you’ll have the power to focus on your mission—not your hunger.

6. Natures Candy Flavored Cravings Killer: Dried Fruit

Image by Afooda

Dried fruit, specifically picks like dried mango’s, dates, and apricots; are the true definition of natures candy. Being light and portable, a few bags of these are the perfect snack for a hot day in the sun. Filled with natural sugars and vitamins, these little delights can be consumed by the handful as a guilt-free pleasure, and while you can’t fit an entire apple in your fly bag, a small bundle of dried apples can be conveniently stowed next to your nymph box as a quick and easy snack to be had in-between changing flies.

Feeling really hungry? Drink water with your fruit. The fruit will absorb it and expand in your stomach to hold you over until that next meal.

7. The Twisted Trout Targeter: Mini-Pretzels

Image by The Conversation

No, this snack won’t actually target the trout for you, but it WILL make sure you have the energy to do so. Pretzels are a classic, and a great source of a little bit of salt, a little bit of sugar, and a healthy dosage of carbohydrates to keep the all-day angler sharp and energized. These snacks can be kept in (almost) any crevice there is on an angler and can be readily accessed for a carb boost that will make sure the hands on your watch don’t determine how much time you have left on the water.

Need an extra boost? Pair pretzels with some portable peanut butter (try saying that 3 times fast).

  1. The Produce and Protein Power Combo: Carrots and PB
Image by Live Strong

This snack combo has been in the pockets of anglers since the beginning, and there’s a good reason for that. Carrots and Peanut Butter are a killer combo that has essential vitamins, sugars, and loads of protein sure to satisfy any adventurer running on low. The healthy mixture of some fresh veggies and a mouthful of peanut butter can’t be beaten when it comes to refueling in-between fishy holes.

Feel free to use celery as well. Heck, it’s practically designed for holding PB.

9. The Beyond Belief Energy Bean: Sports Beans

Image by Promo Marketing 

So much power in such a small, tasty snack. Power beans are jelly beans infused with carbohydrates, proteins, and tons of vitamins. These are real magic beans that taste like candy but work like an energy shot. Put a couple of these in your pocket and you’re off to the races. These little guys can be consumed with such convenience, you could pop a few in your mouth with one hand and wrangle a meaty fish with the other! (though truthfully, we wouldn’t recommend it…)

10. The Pescavore’s Pleasure: Pescavore Ahi Tuna Jerky Strips

image by @pescavore_seafood

Some people like to keep their fish, and some prefer to let them go. However, instead of making the hard choice, just carry around a few sticks of Pescavore’s delicious Ahi Tuna Jerky strips. These jerky sticks are finely crafted to be delicious, and with each stick being an impressive 12G of protein and a solid source of Omega3, how could you say no? Oh, did we mention they’re caught responsibly with minimal ecosystem disturbance, and without the use of FADs? With this jerky, you can enjoy a healthy snack, as well as a healthy conscious.

All credit for this delicious list goes to Fly Lords Mag. https://flylordsmag.com/2019/05/07/the-10-best-snacks-fly-fishing/

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