Catching Big Trout This Fall: Tips and Tricks (VIDEO)

Do you want to catch big trout this fall? Below is a video detailing some of the tips and tricks you should keep in mind when seeking big trout this season.

One key thing to remember when trout fishing is that the trout will be moving into more shallow waters given the decrease in temperature. More specifically trout will be found in entrance points in the water. These are areas where water is flowing into or out of a larger body of water. Trout like to stay near these areas as they are close to currents and that’s where their food is most likely to be floating by.

When picking out what bait you should use there were a couple types highlighted in the video. The first was a paddle tail bait which should be used later in the day as it’s for sub-surface fishing. The other was a topwater bait which should be used earlier in the day when there’s more sunlight.

Now that you’ve been refreshed on some basic fall fishing tips it’s time to get out there and rip some lip.

Source: SaltStrong

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