Making Great Fish Sticks with Matty Matheson

Who doesn’t love fish sticks? Let Matty Matheson show you the right way to make fish sticks in your home in the short cooking video below.

How delicious did that recipe for fish sticks with kewpie tartar sauce look? Chances are your mouth is watering right now and you can’t wait to make fish sticks for your family. Below are the instructions listed out step by step:

Tartar Sauce:
1.) Dice one pickle and 1/4 of a red onion in a bowl
2.) Microplane one clove of garlic into bowl
3.) Add capers to bowl
4.) Microplane a bit of lemon into bowl
5.) Lightly chop parsley and dill and add to bowl
6.) Dice two hard-boiled eggs and to bowl
7.) Mix all ingredients well
8.) Add one scoop of dijon mustard
9.) Add mayo until desired texture is reached
10.) Add salt and pepper to taste
11.) Add a touch a fresh-squeezed lemon juice
12.) Store in fridge

Fish Sticks
1.) Skin the fish and chop into sticks
2.) Lightly salt the fish
3.) Put flour in a bowl and set aside
4.) Put scrambled eggs in a bowl and set aside
5.) Put panko in a bowl and set aside
6.) Take each fish stick and cover in flour, then egg, then panko
7.) Set the sticks on a baking rack
8.) Heat cooking oil in a shallow pan to 350 degrees
9.) Cook fish sticks until golden brown
10.) Set on baking rack to cool
11.) Zest with a bit of lemon rind
12.) Dip in tartar sauce and enjoy

As you just saw this recipe is simple and delicious. Let us know how it turns out in your own kitchen.

Source: MattyMatheson

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