Making Fish Curry with Jamie Oliver

When cooking fish at home everyone wants the dish to be delicious, but most would agree that a quick recipe is the key to success. Below Jamie Oliver will demonstrate how to achieve both of these goals with his quick and tasty fish curry recipe.

In case you missed any of those steps, you can find them listed out below.

1.) Heat non-stick pan on high heat and add 1 TBSP of olive oil
2.) Add 1 pound of sliced cherry tomatoes skin-side-down to pan
3.) Cut 1 pound of white fish into chunks and add to pan
4.) Add 1 TBSP of Korma paste to pan
5.) Add 1 TBSP of lime pickle
6.) Mix well
7.) Add 1.5 cups of coconut milk, and simmer for 6 minutes
8.) Salt and pepper to taste

The great thing about this recipe is that it delivers an amazingly tasty dish and it only takes minutes to prepare. Let us know how it turns out in your kitchen.

Source: JamieOliver

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