Summer Bass Fishing Grass with ChatterBait: Randy Howell’s Proven Technique

In the scorching summer heat, when many anglers are focused on ledge fishing, Randy Howell reveals a lesser-known yet highly effective approach—heading shallow and fishing grass with bladed jigs. While the ChatterBait is often associated with cold weather or springtime fishing, Howell demonstrates how it can produce remarkable results for bass fishing in grass-laden shallow and mid-depth areas. In this guide, he shares valuable insights on where and how to use ChatterBaits in this context, along with his preferred rod setup for optimal performance.

Unlike ledge fish that heavily rely on current, shallower bass in grassy areas remain less affected by these factors. Howell specifically targets openings, holes, and contour irregularities within the eelgrass-rich waters of Lake Guntersville.

The right rod setup plays a critical role in this technique, allowing for long and accurate casts, keeping the bait in the strike zone, and ensuring a secure hookset. Howell’s go-to rod is a longer 7’4″ medium-heavy with a fast action and a softer tip to facilitate deeper hooking. Selecting the appropriate line size based on the targeted depth is equally important. Howell uses 20-pound fluorocarbon to keep the bait running shallower and switches to 14-16-pound when fishing in deeper grass.

Moreover, Howell emphasizes the significance of choosing the right trailer for your bladed jig. He favors subtle minnow-imitating varieties, like the Yamamoto Zako trailer, for their natural appearance, subtle action, and appealing profile.

To enhance your casting distance and achieve optimal results, Howell provides valuable tips on working the ChatterBait in a yo-yo style. This dynamic presentation can be highly effective in enticing strikes from bass.

When traditional ledge fishing fails to produce the desired results, don’t overlook the potential of Howell’s summer grass ChatterBait technique. Give it a try next time you find yourself desperate for a bite, and you may discover a whole new level of bass fishing success.

Images/Source: Wired2Fish

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