A Beginners Guide to Fishing Nets

Whether landing a trophy fish or capturing bait, fishing nets are essential tools. This buyer’s guide provides insights into selecting the ideal fishing net based on your needs.

Types of Fishing Nets:

  1. Landing Nets:
    • Consider netting material: rubber or coated nylon is fish-friendly, while untreated nylon can be abrasive.
    • Mesh size matters, with micro-mesh suitable for delicate fish and larger mesh for bigger catches.
    • Hoop size and shape depend on the length of fish you target.
    • Handle length and material, including innovations like telescoping handles, influence net maneuverability.
  2. Baitwell & Dip Nets:
    • Ideal for capturing bait in buckets or tanks.
    • Teardrop or D-Hoop nets suit different containers.
    • Floating nets prevent loss if accidentally dropped overboard.
  3. Cast Nets and Seines:
    • Cast nets, with treated mesh, are thrown over bait schools.
    • Seine nets, extended between poles, are great for wading and trapping bait.
    • Umbrella drop nets offer a foldable square design for varied applications.

Fishing Net Accessories:

  • Magnetic Net Release: Ideal for wading anglers, compact storage with magnetic clips.
  • Rod Holders: Some rod holders can secure the net handle during fish handling.
  • Transportation: Use tie-down straps or bungee cords for secure storage and organization.

Selecting the right net based on netting material, mesh size, hoop size, and handle features enhances your fishing experience and ensures the well-being of the fish. Consider your fishing style and target species when choosing the most suitable fishing net.

Image: ManMakesFire
Source: BassProShops

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