Tie a Blood Knot Like a Pro

The Blood Knot is a fundamental knot in fly fishing, cherished for its reliability and sleek profile. Whether joining leader to tippet or connecting tippet to tippet, mastering the Blood Knot ensures a strong and seamless connection that effortlessly passes through rod guides during casting. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of tying the Blood Knot, empowering you to enhance your angling arsenal with this essential knot.

  • STEP 1: Put the lines parallel Put both ends of the line parallel to each other. We’ll refer to these as line A and B
  • STEP 2: Wrap line A around line B Wrap line A around line B five times, then put it back through the start and hold that part between two fingers.
  • STEP 3: Wrap line B around line A Now take line B and wrap it around line A five times. Then put the tag end of line B through the loop that was created. It’s important that the lines enter the loop at opposite directions, or the knot will fail.
  • STEP 4: Pull the knot tight and snug Hold the two tag ends, or put them between your teeth, and carefully pull A and B into each other, creating a nice and snug knot.
  • STEP 5: Cut the tag ends Cut the tag ends of both A and B.

With its strength, slim profile, and ease of tying, the Blood Knot is a must-have skill for any angler. Whether you’re connecting leader to tippet or joining tippet to tippet, mastering this knot will enhance your fishing experience by providing a seamless connection that ensures your line passes smoothly through rod guides during casting. So next time you’re on the water, remember the Blood Knot as your trusted ally in securing those crucial connections, and reel in your next trophy with confidence.

Images/Source: FlyFishCircle

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