Tips For Carrying a Landing Net on a Fishing Vest

How to carry a landing net is a common question among anglers, and various methods have been explored. Several considerations come into play when deciding on the most convenient way to transport a landing net.

One approach is attaching the net to a fishing vest, which proves effective for many anglers. The net is secured to the D-Ring on the back of the vest, ensuring it stays out of the way yet remains easily accessible when needed. To prevent the risk of losing the net, a magnetic net release on an elastic cord or lanyard offers a hands-free solution. This setup allows anglers to release the net in moving water during a photo opportunity without worrying about it floating away downstream.

For those who opt for a hip pack over a vest, attaching the net to the shoulder strap using the same magnetic net release is a viable option. While it facilitates hands-free operation, some anglers encounter issues with additional weight, leading to discomfort and the need for frequent strap adjustments to alleviate shoulder pain.

An alternative solution involves using the Smith Creek Holster, designed to be worn on the waist by attaching it to an existing belt. This option aims to eliminate excess weight on the shoulder. The holster is adjustable and can be positioned close to the middle of the back. However, some anglers experience challenges with the strap, handle, and cord arrangement inside the holster, leading to occasional snags and detachment issues.

Another product, the Umpqua wading belt, presents a different approach. Acting as a replacement for the traditional wading belt, it features a holster on the back where the net easily slides in and securely stays. This belt accommodates various net sizes, including long-handled nets, providing a comfortable and hassle-free solution for carrying a landing net. It can be used in conjunction with an existing hip pack by placing the pack strap on top of the wading belt.

Each angler may have their preferred method, and considerations such as net handle width and personal comfort play a role in determining the most suitable approach. Whether attached to a vest, hip pack, or wading belt, utilizing a magnetic net release and considering the overall setup ensures a convenient and efficient way to carry a landing net. Different attachment methods, such as eye bolt screws or attaching the net around the hoop, provide flexibility for individual preferences. Sharing alternative methods and experiences contributes to the collective learning of the angling community.

Images/Source: JohnKreft

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