Fishing Tips: Northern Pike

Northern pike, or Esox lucius, is a long, slender, powerful predator. Its scales are a deep olive green close to the dorsal fin, shading to speckled olive and finally yellow...

How to Tie the Perfect Fishing Knot

The Best Tips for Winter Fishing

The pleasure boats are gone and the water is now all yours. But don't venture out for your next winter fishing trip without following these top ten tips:

Where to Get the Best Burger in Denver

Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, bacon burgers, green chile burgers — they're what we crave when we want good old-fashioned American bar food. Towering high or smashed flat, dripping with molten American...

How to Fish Spoons

The metal fishing spoon lure was believed to be first used back in the 1840’s. Spoons are a simple design, an oblong shape, concave on one side that catches...

Two is Always Better than One

Few things in this world are more enjoyable to an angler than landing a nice fish. One thing that can top that is landing two nice fish. Check this...

Learn to Fly Fish with These Great Videos

Here are some awesome tips to get you on your first fish on the fly!

Salmon River Fishing 101

Salmon river fishing can be quite challenging since river salmon are very elusive. Salmons are aggressive creatures that easily get startled and swim away quickly, making them very hard to...

How and When to Fish a Squarebill Crankbait

If you’re running shallow water and prefer a subsurface power technique, fishing square-bill crankbaits might be for you. They can go where other crankbaits can’t and get a lot...

The Strange Rise of Craft Beer in America

The monopolies are coming. In almost every economic sector, including television, books, music, groceries, pharmacies, and advertising, a handful of companies control a prodigious share of the market.
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